Vehicle Protection

  • Bonded 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • Color: Tan
  • Warranty - 4 years
  • Covercraft's best universal cover for outdoor or indoor use

See The Stretch - Fits like a glove and the sheared cotton fleece on the inside is the softest finish you can put on a vehicle for indoor storage - a real luxurious custom car cover

Covercraft Form-Fit Indoor Car Covers
Designed for cars that are not daily drivers, Covercraft’s Form-Fit® car covers provide a body-hugging fit AND a super soft inside to pamper fine paint finishes. We start with an outer shell of woven knit polyester that has Lycra/Spandex® added to the yarns to provide and memory – the stretch provides the body-hugging fit and the memory assures the cover will retain its shape over an extended period of time.

Covercraft Block-It Universal Car Covers
 These Universal Car Covers are made from Kimberly-Clark Block-It Series® non-woven protection fabrics, which are breathable, naturally water resistant fabrics. They are easy to use while still protecting your vehicle from dust, pollen, and harmful UV rays. The wide variety of patterns provides a good semi-custom fit. There are no side mirror pockets on these models. Models in this line are: Block-It 200, Block-It 380, and the most popular, Block-It Evolution.

Protect your vehicle's exterior from moisture, dust and the sun's rays with car covers from Covercraft and Coverking! With Custom fit and universal fit models, along with many available material and color options, you are sure to find the right car cover to protect your vehicle! 

********Floor Mats********


WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Mats

By far our most popular floor mats, WeatherTech Digital Fit mats contour perfectly to your vehicle's floor to prevent spills and grime from ever reaching your carpet.

A patented tri-extruded composition allows for a rigid core for strength while offering surface friction to the carpet, as well as tactile feel to the surface. The FloorLiner™ advanced surface design has channels that carry fluid and debris, away from shoes and clothing, into a lower reservoir. The lower reservoir uses additional channeling to minimize fluid movement while driving. Once fluids become trapped in the reservoir, they are easily removed from the WeatherTech® FloorLiner™ over the door sill…No muss – No Fuss! WeatherTech Digital Floor mats are available in black, grey and tan for front, second/third seat and center hump areas.

Cargo Liners are also available for cars, SUV's, and minivans.


Husky Liner Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Floor Mats provide year round carpet protection and are available for virtually all of today's top selling vehicles. 

   The Heavy Duty Floor Mats are vehicle specific and have features you will not find on ordinary run-of-the-mill universal (flat) floor mats. An extra thick driver's heel pad provides years of life while the high perimeter ridges contain spills and debris. raised ridges keep your feet out of water, mud, and dirt. The material is guaranteed not to crack or break even in the most extreme conditions.

  Heavy Duty Mats are easily cleaned and feature Sta-Put Nibs on the reverse side to help keep the mat in place. They are available in black, grey and tan for front, second/third seat and center hump areas. 

Cargo Liners are also available in Husky Liners "Classic" Line of floor mats.

*********Seat Covers********

Protect your vehicle's seats from spills, workday grime, pets and weekend adventures. We offer top of the line seat covers from Covercraft, Coverking, and Fia! With Custom fit and universal fit models, along with many available material and color options, you are sure to find the right seat covers for your vehicle's needs!

Seat Cover Installation
You have placed your order for seat covers through Performance Car & Truck and they are now in your hands. The next step is to put them on your seats, but you don't quite know how. No problem. We will gladly assist you in this process, however, we highly suggest that you learn how to do this yourself. We suggest this so that when it comes time to clean your covers, you know how to remove them and put them back on properly. We have included a few installation videos here that will help you in this process!