-  Solid, machined 2-5/16" ball

-  Durable powder-coat finish

-  Only a 4" hole in the bed

-  Bolts to existing holes in the frame with no drilling or welding

-  Solid, one-piece machined receiver socket

-  Flexible latch pin handle attached to a spring loaded, 5/8" steel 
    locking pin that goes completely through the ball

-  Limited lifetime warranty

 B&W knows what it's like to tow with a short bed truck! That's why they designed their slider hitch to give you twelve inches of slide, so you can have the extra room to maneuver your fifth-wheel. And it's a Companion so you'll love the ride.

-  12" of movement, for turning and maneuvering clearance in 
    shortbed trucks.

-  Automatically latches in both directions- only get out of the 
    truck once to move into maneuvering position.

-  Tight tolerances in sliding mechanism, moves smoothly
    without the rattle.

-  Three vertical adjustments, 17", 18", and 19".

-  Fully articulating coupler head allows front to back and side 
    to side pivoting.

-  1" thick, wrap-around jaws fit kingpin perfectly, eliminating 
    sloppy starts and stops.

-  Polyurethane bushings provide a quiet, rattle free towing

-  Utilizes the B&W Turnoverball under-bed mounting system. 
    Pull a Gooseneck or a 5th Wheel with the same system.

-  Can be removed (two people!) for a clean bed with no rails.
    No mounting rails means using your truck for more than