Adjustable Air Spring Products

  Ultimate Load LIFTER5000
            & Load LIFTER5000
(up to 5,000 lbs. load-leveling capacity)

- Fits most 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickups, vans and class A, B, C motorhome with leaf springs
- Air adjustable from 5 - 100 PSI for maximum comfort and load support
- Easily installed in 2 hours or less 

(up to 2,000 lbs load-leveling capacity)

- Fits many 1/2 ton and mini pickups, vans and SUV's with leaf springs
- Air adjustable from 5 - 100 PSI for maximum comfort and load support
- Easily installed in 2 hours or less 

  Air Lift1000
(up to 1,000 lbs load-leveling capacity)

- Fits open coil springs on the front or rear
- Air adjustable - custom tune the ride you want
- replaces P-30/32 OEM front air springs
- Easy to install using common tools


-  Two-way communication allows advanced
    diagnostics for safety (i.e. displays 'leak',
    'low battey', etc.)
-  Controls two air springs independantly
-  Automatically maintains set pressures
-  Two user-defined memory buttons allow for 
   frequently used settings
-  Works with all brands of air springs!
-  Easiest installation ever - no lines or wires to the 

Leveling Kit Products

  Level 1 
The level 1 system features pre-adjusted shocks that are dialed in to provide a great ride quality and improved handling over stock. The Level 1 Air system is also equipped with a manual RidePRO analog control system to save expense while still providing complete control over ride height. This is a great economical choice for improving ride quality for your cruiser and is an easy way to install an air suspension that will allow you to lower your stance.    

Level 2
    Stepping up to the popular Level 2 system will include upgraded aluminum adjustable shocks, StrongArm control arms, as well as the RidePROe3 fully programmable electronic control system for air systems. The Level 2 package provides more adjustment and performance potential for both track use and ride quality. For anyone looking for a system that runs well right out of the box while leaving the opportunity for quick adjustments, we recommend this kit.

  Level 3
This is the performance system and it includes the best of every option available. If you are looking for the most versatile and best performing system, then this is the option you should consider. It includes an upgrade to the Track Quality shock series line, and MuscleBar swaybars. This combination is recommended for extreme track use and for drivers who want to take the extra time to fine tune their suspension system.